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Why You Need To Monitor Your Local Business Online Presence

Here is a brief overview of why your Local Small Business needs my Online Presence Report℠.

Over 40% of local business owners have directory listing errors that owners do not know exist. Many customers that see these discrepancies will choose not to purchase from your business because of a lack of trust. That equates to less revenue for your business 🙁

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Business reviews are also important. Negative or unclaimed reviews can decrease your trust an competitive advantage.

Monitoring your social channels and being active on them is necessary for today's generation of business success.

Lastly, your website content and loading time have direct effects on rather a prospective client will do business with you. A slow loading site will send potential customers running to your competitors 🙁

Bottom line, my Complimentary Online Presence Report℠ will help you identify Online Solutions for Business Success℠ !

My team and I are providing complimentary Online Presence Report℠ Click the link below to get started today! 

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Please go to the link below to watch a 1-minute video explaining how it can help your Local Small Business and how you can get it FREE of charge. 

YC Lawson
YC Lawson
YC Lawson currently resides in Houston, Texas with her two blessed children. YC Lawson is a successful business owner and PTSD/MST advocate. She enjoys spending leisure time with her family and attending church. She specializes in bringing more leads to her clients. Her niche customers are Health and Wellness professionals such as a dentist, chiropractors, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, therapist, mental health professional or doctors of all specialties.

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