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Lawson Media Services is now Lawson Business Solutions, Inc.

Lawson Media Services is now Lawson Business Solutions, Inc.


Why we made the name change.

Different name, Same Services

A little over a year ago, we received a call from who we thought was a prospective client in California only to find out that they had a complaint about our book publishing services. We intently listened to what they had to say and apologized for what they had experienced and informed them that our company was not the company they had worked with.  As embarrassed as the client was, our team knew that with our projected expansion we would need to change our name not just on a state level but also on a country-wide scale.

With the consistent growth of our company to include assisting entrepreneurs throughout North America, we wanted to ensure that our brand was cohesive and not confused with other businesses with similar names.

We wanted to keep the consistency of the brand we had built with our previous and existing clients while also positioning ourselves for growth in the small to medium-sized business space of emerging entrepreneurs.
Our solution, with the help of our attorney, was to officially change our business name from Lawson Media Services to Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. in the Fall of 2016! We are also working on copywriting Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. ~ Emerging Entrepreneurs!
Here’s our new logo!
Current website visitors will see many changes on our existing website to reflect our name change. We are also in the process of rebranding with a separate site that tailors to emerging entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized businesses. We are excited that you have had the opportunity to watch us grow as we have with many of you and we look forward to many more years of growth and longevity as entrepreneurs.




Read about the inception of our company and our rich history.


Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. was founded by YC Lawson several years ago while working with a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas to increase online exposure and connect with potential donors.  The non-profit organization needed professional web design services and social media exposure but did not have a significant budget for the expense.

YC Lawson stepped in to find a solution to the problem but soon ran out of resources and leads of companies that were willing to do work in a timely fashion and on a very tight budget.

The big idea came as YC Lawson, Founder & CEO of Lawson Business Solutions, Inc., decided to learn how to perform each online task needed and soon enrolled in classes and became educated in creating online business media projects.

To the delight of the non-profit organization, Lawson Business Solutions, Inc., was able to create a professional corporate website equipped with donations and video access for all to enjoy.
The non-profit organization increased in donor social media outreach and capital campaigns through the use of online marketing and networking.

With this success, Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. has gone on to establish internet rankings for several business and organizations and became a very profitable company. Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. has assisted in the creation of copy write projects, books, e-books, copy editing, business consultations, and more.

During the Fall of 2013, Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. decided to add to the company services by coaching entrepreneurs with earning income online.
YC Lawson utilized the marketable and trustworthy name of her company to help business owners, veterans, disabled persons, single parents, and more earn money from home and online without the hassle of recruiting or selling.

Please go to to sign up with YC Lawson and the team and get the assistance you need to grow your business as an Emerging Entrepreneurs!

Likewise, Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. offers a vast array of business services to both offline and online companies.  Please visit Lawson Business Solutions, Inc. for more details.

YC Lawson
YC Lawson
YC Lawson currently resides in Houston, Texas with her two blessed children. YC Lawson is a successful business owner and PTSD/MST advocate. She enjoys spending leisure time with her family and attending church. She specializes in bringing more leads to her clients. Her niche customers are Health and Wellness professionals such as a dentist, chiropractors, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, therapist, mental health professional or doctors of all specialties.


  1. Sonja says:

    Hi, when will your new website be up? This is Sonja from the coffee shop down the street, we spoke last week about your services and your assistant reached out to me already. Do I have to wait on the new website to get started? I have had the chance to go over your testimonials and I am excited!

  2. YC Lawson says:

    Hello Mrs. Sonja, yes I recall our conversation. My assistant told me she reached out to you and that you were going to take some time to go over the information he gave you. I am happy to see that you have had the opportunity to view our testimonials. I will have J. give you a call and I will send out an email also. I look forward to working with you.

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